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Can't save Site Template if Web Publishing features is turned on?

  Asked By: Jasmin    Date: Sep 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1841

while I know and read it many times that it is not supported (while technically possible) to save the site template when web publishing is turned on, how about this approach?

While this might not work for everybody and any situation here is where I am coming from:
- Highly customized site collection
- using several web publishing features
- using pre created SharePoint groups with preloaded users

Why can't (or can I?) (in fact I am using it over and over again) use STSADM -o Backup and STSADM -o Restore to create a new site (based on the backup)?
I am intrerested in your thoughts around it?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Trevor Davis     Answered On: Sep 10

Can't comment on the other thread because I do not use stsadm  -o backup  / restore  unless for backup / disaster recovery purposes, and in any case, that option will not work  if for example the publishing site  you want to backup is more than 1 level deep, and the place you want to restore it to is not going to be more than 1 level deep.

As for the reason why save  As template  doesn't appear for publishing  sites (but you can use the trick I mentioned in the other thread to get at the option), publishing sites have pages in them and layouts that are all connected to a content type that is configured at the top level site of the site collection, and because these content types are not saved and moved within the site template STP file – the STP file is not, as one would expect it to be, a true reflection of the original site.

This means that if you save a publishing site as template and use it in the same site collection, providing all site content types it uses remain unchanged, the site template will work properly.

The problem arises when you try to move the site template to a different site collection, or when you've changed or deleted some content types in your current site collection – this will result in unexpected behaviour (that from my experience is irritating but fixable, with some work).

We use export / import to get around those issues instead of using backup / restore to move a template from site collection to another site collection and without any problems and you can still keep the users features  in the import export - my advice would be to try out this method and see if it solves the issues you are encountering in the other thread and this one.

These are the steps we use:

1: Export publishing site, basic options:
stsadm -o export -url http://mypublishingsite -filename publishingsite.cmp

2: Create a BLANK site at the target location

3: Now import the site over the top of the blank site:
stsadm -o import -url http://mynewpublishingsite -filename publishingsite.cmp -overwrite