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Calls to MOSS Search from Outside of MOSS

  Asked By: Kami    Date: Apr 23    Category: MOSS    Views: 1018

We use AccPac as our accounting program. Within AccPac, our shipping
department prints out most of the documents needed to ship out an
order (Packing list, Bill of Lading, International Shipping
documents, etc.). This is all handled from a VB Macro inside of
AccPac and all of these documents are generated from information
contained in AccPac. The only exception to this is a Certificate of
Analysis (COA) which needs to be sent with every order. The COA's
are scanned PDF's and reside on a site within our MOSS environment
controlled by our Quality department and every employee has visitor
access to that site.

In order to print the COA's, the person putting together the shipping
documents must go to our MOSS environment and search for the COA
based on the lot number for that order. The lot number is the file
name of the PDF (such as 123456789). Since we have the iFilter for
PDF's installed, the search works fine.

However, the shipping department would like to be able to search for
these documents without leaving the AccPac interface. Is there a way
to make a call to the MOSS Search center and return results without
having to be in MOSS?

As an FYI, the AccPac MS-SQL and MOSS MS-SQL are on two different
physical servers.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Delbert Frederick     Answered On: Apr 23

Not knowing much about AccPac, I'm not sure what the interface looks
like, but in general there are a couple ideas that come to mind.

1) If the interface is web based, you can embed the MOSS UI via an

2) You can use the OOTB search  Web Service to make programmatic
calls into MOSS search

Answer #2    Answered By: Willard Valenzuela     Answered On: Apr 23

Someone from our company is using the following method to search  MOSS
from within an external application:


v=sort order  like date or relevance, cs=This List or This Site, k =

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