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Calling Reporting Services Web Service from SharePoint using Kerberos over SSL

  Asked By: Marie    Date: Jul 12    Category: MOSS    Views: 2469

I have multiple SharePoint web parts that needs to access Reporting service 2008 which is integrated into MOSS2007.

There are 2 end points that I will be using: ReportService2006 and ReportExecution2005, as detailed in this reference.

I would like to put all the logic that calls the web service in one common assembly (class library) which will be packaged within the same WSP that contains the web parts.

I attempted to add a service reference from my common class library project but the proxy is not generated properly and I cannot use any intellisense at design time. Therefore I am now using svcutil.exe to generate the proxies.

Unfortunately Microsoft said that svcutil.exe would have problems with Kerberos authentication in this article:

Svcutil.exe generates the client based on the Web Services Description Language (WSDL) or policy file received from the service. The user principal name (UPN) is generated by concatenating the user name with "@" and then adding a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN). However, for users who registered on Active Directory, this format is not valid and the UPN that the tool generates causes a failure in the Kerberos authentication with the following error message: The logon attempt failed. To resolve this problem, manually fix the client file that the tool generated

My environment has been set up to use Kerberos over SSL. How do I solve this?
Unfortunately the article did not mention anything about how to fix the generated proxy to make it work with Kerberos.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Brinda Bca     Answered On: Jul 12

No replies for this thread, so I used asmx instead of WCF and it now works like a charm....