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How to call a Webpart inside a Webpart ?

  Asked By: Phillip    Date: Mar 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 9317

I need to use a Webpart's output inside another Webpart. How to do
that ?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Esteban Frank     Answered On: Mar 10

Take a look at the Digital Dashboard Services Component(DDSC). It should
be documented in the Web Part SDK or Res Kit. Try looking at this link:


Note that the DDSC is an ActiveX component and therefore does not work
in all browsers.

Answer #2    Answered By: Jabari Burks     Answered On: Mar 10

I got a more pressing problem at this problem with SPS...that is

There is a need to replicate Announcement/ NEWS Webpart in the main
Dashboard. We need have Achievements corner, Message from Leadership
Team, various NEWS section, etc, which are much similar to an
Announcement / NEWS Webpart. I created respective folders under 'Portal
Content' folder of SPS Web Storage, but unable to list the content in
the main Dashboard. Tried to modify the Announcement / NEWS Webpart for
this, but was unsuccessful in modifying the code.

I want your help in having multiple 'Announcement' Webpart (named
differently) referring to different folder under Portal Content folder.
At this moment I am using Announcement Webpart from SPS Resource Kit

I have posted this question in multiple forums, but no answer, if you
could help, it would be great.

Answer #3    Answered By: Heena Desai     Answered On: Mar 10

I just ran into the lab and loaded up the Announcement webpart  from the
ResKit. I ran the vbs script which adds 2 props to the announcement
profile. I then removed the original Announcement web part that shipped
with SPS. I then imported the new Announcement web part and set the
properties to what I want (name location ect) and saved. When you import
this web part, it creates a folder under Portal to store the file it
needs to work. This works fine. I now went in and imported the same web
part again, set the name and location and saved. Now I have 2
Announcement web parts, both showing the same announcements (from the
Portal Content/announcement folder) I did the same once again so I have
3 Announcement web parts with different names and locations but still
all showing the same announcements. Now I go into the Portal Content
folder and copy the Announcement folder and paste it twice naming it
Test1 and Test 2. I then go into Portal to the working folder
Announcement_2 and modify the Announcement.xml file. I change the
location of the read tag to point to Test1. I do the same for the 3rd
announcement part, pointing it to the test_2 folder. Now I have 3 web
parts that point to different content.

If I understand you correctly, this is basically what you want to do. I
would guess that you might have not config the xml file correctly. If
this does not solve you issue or I have misunderstood it, let us know.

Answer #4    Answered By: Manuel Crawford     Answered On: Mar 10

And... to the following comment:

> I have posted this question in multiple
> forums, but no answer, if you could
> help, it would be great.

I know I've answered the question in multiple forums within the last
week... so perhaps your searching methods can be improved.

One of the first things I do is use google. Google's "site:" modifier
is very useful for sharepoint because you can create a query like

site:spsfaq.com announcements "web part"

and low and behold -- the first hit is what you're looking for, with
some lively discussion about how some people got it to work and some

Google's a little annoying in that it'll index a page that all of a
sudden isn't the same (like a page 20 of results), so you have to click
the Cached link to actually see what was indexed. But how could that be
fixed? Who knows.

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