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How can I call another VBS webpart from a HTM webpart passing a XML for parameter?

  Asked By: Haresh    Date: Mar 04    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1739

Let me explain what is going on with me...
I just started to develop in Dashboard and the problem I have is...

How can I call another VBS webpart from a HTM webpart passing a XML for



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Answer #1    Answered By: Daniella Landry     Answered On: Mar 04

Have you looked at the DDSC? This facilitates notification between web
parts. It would be in the DDRK help file.

Answer #2    Answered By: Bo Stafford     Answered On: Mar 04

I'm looking for this information in DDRK but I thought that DDSC was a
client object...

Answer #3    Answered By: Jocelyn Shelton     Answered On: Mar 04

Yes it is. From your last post it seems that you have a web part on the
dashboard that needs to communicate with another web part on the
dashboard. Is this not the case?

Answer #4    Answered By: Joey Soto     Answered On: Mar 04

Yes it is... but on of them is a HTM webpart  and the other (that ones
that will receive the data to post to Database) is a VBS webpart.

My problem  is to pass a parameter  from HTM webpart and take this in the
VBS webpart... that's it!

Answer #5    Answered By: Gerard Randall     Answered On: Mar 04

I think the DDSC will work if you are using IE (it is a control). Your
html/asp page will need code to register an event with the DDSC . This
event will pass the xml  as a param. The vbs  web part will register to
receive this event from the other web part and get the param and you can
post .

If you search for DDSC and notification on MSDN there is a simple
example of this type of notification. Will this not work? I am guessing
you have control of the HTML page and can set it up to register for an

Answer #6    Answered By: Audra Mccormick     Answered On: Mar 04

I'm looking for this solution and I was trying to register a session
with the DDSC method PutSessionState, but it's not working...

I'll try to find this in MSDN to see what I can do.
If you have an example, I'll be pretty grateful.

Answer #7    Answered By: Christina Lewis     Answered On: Mar 04

I do not have an example; I don't do much with web parts. Here is the
link that I was looking at :

It has a basic notification set up, click in this web part and another
web part changes....

There should be other links associated with this to help. Possibly
someone else who uses DDSC more can add their input.

Answer #8    Answered By: Meaghan Webster     Answered On: Mar 04

I saw the link you send me and as I could see, the method
RegisterForEvent work only when you send the notification to another HTM
web part.
I've being doing some exercises with web part and I did something like
that, but how, in the name of God, a VBS web part can receive a
notification from a HTM web part?!

It has to be possible, or not?!

Thanks again and sorry for bothering you, but I'm almost desperate!

Answer #9    Answered By: Sunny Delacruz     Answered On: Mar 04

Are your web parts pointing to an external source? I found that when I coded
my web parts in a htm  file and pointed the web part to the external source,
the ddsc object was unrecognized. When I took the same code and used it as
embedded content instead of pointing to it, ddsc worked fine...

Answer #10    Answered By: .net Guru     Answered On: Mar 04

my web parts are embedded content.
But I don't know how the DDSC works in VBS web parts...