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Calendar Workflow - Start and End Time

  Asked By: Marvin    Date: Nov 11    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 3539

I have essentially two issues I'm facing.

The first one was already mentioned in this thread (social.technet.microsoft.com/.../a8029363-2d87-4246-9124-934b4dd036b4), but it wasn't really answered. The problem here is that the start time is not being fetched in the workflow and if you log the start time to the workflow history, it would just be something like "1/1/0001 00:00:01am".

Now I was able to do a work around on the first issue, by calculating the start time, based on the End Time and subtracting the duration from it. This all is fine and is working pretty neatly.

The second problem I have is to actually use the End Time to update one of my other columns. All I wanted to do is update a column, let's call it "End Time Column", to equal to the same as End Time. Every time I do so, I receive an error "The workflow could not update the item, possibly because one or more columns for the item require a different type of information."

I tried all sort of things, like assigning the End Time to a local workflow variable and update the column, updated the "End Time Column" to "Today" or a specific date (this worked), but the End Time never works.

Some additional background, the workflow is a reusable workflow if I create a list workflow the whole workflow works fine.

Any help would be appreciated, I was scratching and bumping my head for a couple days.



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