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Calendar workflow and calculated values

  Asked By: Mariah    Date: Sep 13    Category: MOSS    Views: 1255

We are creating a workflow in the Calendar for events. Here are the

1. Team Lead creates Event in the Calendar on CreationDate.
1a. The System needs to confirm that the leadtime for the event is 6
months for Category 1 events, 4 months for Category 2 events and 2
months for Category 3 events ELSE the event needs special approval
before being entered into the Calendar, where leadtime=Event

2. Once the event has been created, the workflow kicks in and send
an alert to Group 1 (consisting of 28 Department Representatives)
for feedback who have to respond within CreationDate+14.
2b. A reminder needs to be sent to those who don't respond within
The feedback from Group 1 will divide them into participating
Group1A and non-participating Group1B. Group 1A and Group 1B will be
different for different events.
3. The Team Lead then includes the participation level (1-3) of each
3b. The Team Lead manually sends out an Acknowledgement workflow to
Group 2B consisting of Heads of non-participating Divisions.
3c. The Team Lead manually sends out an Approval workflow to Group
2A consisting of Heads of participating Divisions.
4. On approval, the event appears in the calendar.
5. After the event, the system must automatically send out a
reminder on EndDate to the TeamLead and Group 1A to raise a Closure
Report before EndDate+7.
5a. Before EndDate+7, the TeamLead must fill field "Closure Report
sent out" as "Yes" ELSE system will send out alert to Group 2A.

Questions per numbering above:
1b. Can the system check that StartDate-CreationDate falls within
the 3 categories ELSE prevent the Event from being entered without
special approval?
2b. Can reminders be sent specifically to those who don't respond?
Is there a calculated value for CreationDate+7?
3b & 3c. Can the distribution lists for Groups 2A and 2B be
automatically generated taking into account that they are different
for different events?
5. Can system automatically send out a reminder on EndDate?
5b. Can the system send out an alert to Group 2A on EndDate+7
IF "ClosureReportSentOut" is not equal to "Yes"?

That's a lot of questions. Hope someone familiar with MOSS2007 can
help. Note that I have used "the system" to denote MOSS2007.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Miranda Scott     Answered On: Sep 13

Yes this can be done................

Answer #2    Answered By: Deirdre Macias     Answered On: Sep 13

Any tips on how to approach the questions  below?

Answer #3    Answered By: Kala Solomon     Answered On: Sep 13

We've found that the questions  on dates can be resolved using Sharepoint
Now it's just:
how to send  reminders only to those who don't respond,
somehow mark the events  differently that are created  below required leadtime,
how to re-use the distribution  list of an earlier workflow  in the same event  in
a later automated workflow.

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