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Calendar Webpart

  Asked By: Juan    Date: Oct 11    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2397

I really need a good calendar web part that is company wide and will
allow multiple people to create new entries. I have come close but
have not currently seen the part that I really need. Currently I am
running a view to a calendar located at
<server>/public/applications. I would like to customize this
calendar, but I don't even know where it is stored. What I at least
need this to do is have the default view change from day to month.

However, my dream is to have a calendar that would work like the
SharePoint Team Services Events, but I cannot run Team Service and
SharePoint (I tried - - they wouldn't let me)

Does any know of a replacement for the Team Services Events
Or a where the <server>/public/applications is actually stored on
the server?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Vivian Mcguire     Answered On: Oct 11

I haven't seen the SPTS Events or how it's different from the couple of
alternate Events web  parts available (see sharepointcode.com and the MS
resource kit), but you could always bring up Team Services on a separate
box and then point a web part  to something hosted on it.

Also, if you want the default view  of the <server>/public/applications
calendar to be monthly, you just need to format your URL to display it
that way. I think all you need to do is add


to the URL and it'll show correctly.



Create a new web part that has "HTML" as the type and gets it's content
from that URL. I forget where you have to set the permissions on it to
let lots of people, but I believe it would be in the Exchange Explorer
on the SPS server.

Answer #2    Answered By: Augustine Snider     Answered On: Oct 11

Ok I am feeling rather retarded.
I had team  services runningon a separte boxs just for the calendar
of events  and my ops guy killed (he didn't like maintaining 2 boxes
just for a calendar  - so now I am somewhat in the learch)

I tried adding ?cmd=contents&view=monthly to the end of the URL
and it still shows the daily view.

I may have the wrong resource kit. I have download a few things
from ms (ok a lot of things) and haven't really seen any kind of
calendar stuff (except the OWA stuff that shows the personal
calendar) and I am not sure of what the alternatives are (I tried
SPcode and didn't see anything. If you know of any althernatives
(links or name) I would REALLY appreciate the help.

Answer #3    Answered By: Genevieve Sherman     Answered On: Oct 11

I struggled the same issue about ten months ago. I found an excellent web  based
Calendar made by a company  called Brown Bear Software. www.brownbearsw.com.
(No I don't work  for them, or even get a cut) You get unlimited Calendars for a
very reasonable price. All that you have to do is point a web part  to the
calendar and bingo anyone that you wish can view  or modify. Like I said, I
introduced this to the Company about ten months ago and the users still love it.
Currently we have 23 team  Calendars and growing.

Answer #4    Answered By: Sameera Shettar     Answered On: Oct 11

This is how I'm doing it for the next release of our portal site and it
works great. It does require a separate box and security, etc. on that,
but if you have the infrastructure then it's a good  solution as you can
customize the calendar  as much as you like. Normally the calendar is
viewed with a series of views (as hyperlinks) on the left side. I took
these and put them into a drop-down so users can just select which one
they want to load. There's also some 3rd party solutions however there's
a cost involved there too.

Answer #5    Answered By: Debendra Boruah     Answered On: Oct 11

Sorry, I didn't read the entire thread earlier so a STS solution is out
of the question for you.

Just access the public folder on your SPS sever by going to
http://servername/public. Expand the Public Folders | Applications tree.
You can add a new calendar  item under this or create  a folder to hold

I would recommend you create a folder ("Calendars") under "Applications"
then create each calendar for each team/project/departement/whatever
under that. To create a calendar right click and select "New Folder". In
the dialog that follows enter the name of the calendar ("Team1") and
select "Appointment Item" from the dropdown. You'll need to apply
security to the folder (either using PLEX, WSS or through the web
folders) to allow users to have write access to each calendar.

It's not pretty but it works and MS has said they will leave anything in
the Applications folder alone when it comes time to upgrade to 2.0.

Answer #6    Answered By: Xavier Davis     Answered On: Oct 11

So, how does one secure a folder inside the Applications folder? I've
yet to figure out how to allow some write access and others read access.

Answer #7    Answered By: Anthony Robinson     Answered On: Oct 11

I'll put together a short note on how to do it (I do it with PLEX).
Unfortunately it's not the most intuitive thing to do.

Answer #8    Answered By: Antonio Kelly     Answered On: Oct 11

I enabled the ExIFS drive and used Windows Explorer to change  the file
permissions. Works form me.

And for those who want to use a different UI than the default  Exchange
2000 OWA based UI, try: http://www.cdolive.net/download/spseventscal.zip
(you need to open the DWP file with notepad and change the path
r/" to point to your folder before importing the Web part.

<Cheers:Siegfried runat="server" />

Development Lead,

CDOLive LLC - The Microsoft Messaging and Collaboration Application

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