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Calendar views over subsites

  Asked By: Helen    Date: Jan 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3812

Is there any way to create a calendar on the Parent site, and allow the calendar
to be viewed on other subsites within the Parent site? I tried to create a
template and include content, but it does not sync the additional content that
is added after the creation of the template. I will also be creating different
views on these subsites, so a view webpart would not work.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Juan Davis     Answered On: Jan 19

You'll probably need to look at third-party calendar/list web parts to
provide this capability. Most solutions focus on the opposite; i.e. a
roll-up or aggregate calendar, but you can also do this in a one-to-many
direction. A common use is for centrally setting company holidays on several
departmental calendars.

Have a look at Bamboo Solutions (
spx0 ) for more ideas.

Answer #2    Answered By: Jason Anderson     Answered On: Jan 19

I had a similar need, and used a modified Content Query Web Part to display
event data from a parent  site on subsites, filtering the displayed events to
those tagged for that subsite's region of interest. It does not display the
events in a calendar  view, just a list of current events. But it was quick and
involved adding a few values to an exported CQWP webpart, and editing the
ItemStyle.xsl file to provide the display that I wanted. Just the Title,
Location and start-end dates.

The CQWP is unable to handle recurring events, they do not get displayed because
the start date is always the first date, the date of the actual recurrence
cannot not be determined. Fortunately this limitation was acceptable in our
case. There was no time to create  a custom solution, and third party was not an

That's the way you would have to do it, code something custom. Or third party.

Your post got me reading about coded calendar solutions again. This article
looks good and provides code for the calendar, however it is all part of a web
part he created called Content By Type, and that provides a roll-up calendar,
not quite what you're looking for.

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