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Calendar not display all list items

  Asked By: Korey    Date: Sep 22    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2723

We have an issue where calendar list items on and after the date of
February 14 are not displayed when viewed as a web part. eg. if I
navigate to http://mydomain/sites/teamsite/tabpage.aspx, and the
calendar list is viewed in one of the content areas as a calendar
view, items after the date of Feb 14 do not show up.

However, if you navigate to the lists' own page (eg.
mydomain/sites/teamsite/Lists/Events/calendar.aspx), it will
display all items, including those that occur after February 14.

Thing I have tried during troubleshooting:
- deleting all items in the calendar, and add items specifically
dated after Feb 14.
- created a new calendar based on ALL available calendar templates
for that site. each site created from the templates available do
not show up if they are dated after Feb 14.
- created a new site. added items dated after feb 14 to a calendar
list. it works.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this? Any help is
greatly appreciated.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Alphonso Mckay     Answered On: Sep 22

Ok I just noticed an additional behaviour with my calendar. When the
current month switched over from January to February (and in effect,
the current calendar  month view also switched from January to
February), all items  in February became viewable. However, when
navigating between the months by clicking the "<" and ">" arrow
buttons, dates between Jan 30 - 31 and March 1 - 6 are the only
dates that have viewable list  items in the calendar regardless of
what Month view the user is currently viewing.

additional notes:
* as stated before, please note that I am experiencing this bug only
when my calendar web  part is viewed  in calendar view in a Web Part
Page. When viewed elsewhere, all functionality is working as
* the week for the date  ranges mentioned above have February days in

I'm thinking this might be something in CAML poke around to fix? Is
there a setting in CAML where I can have the web part display  all
items not just for the current month? So when users click the "<"
and ">" arrows, they would be able to view items for these other
months as well?

Answer #2    Answered By: Daron Oneill     Answered On: Sep 22

Just wanted to give an update on this in case anyone has stumbled
across this problem. I've opened a support ticket with Microsoft a
few weeks ago, and they've confirmed that this is a bug. Will be
fixed in the next release.

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