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Calculated Field

  Asked By: Caleb    Date: Feb 08    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3934

I have a task list and want to calculate when a task is completed!
insert Today's date. Problem is when or if you modifiy the task it
adds todays date again would like to keep the date as is.




6 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Ruchir Satam     Answered On: Feb 08

I have problem writing formula for the below case:

I have a date time field  and 2 different single line of text fields

EndDate : Date Time (e.g: 12.05.2008)

EndHour : Single Line of text (eg: 09)

End Minute : Single Line of Text (eg: 30)

I want to create a calculated  field named

EndTime : DateTime (for the above case 12.05.2008 09:30)

I don't want EndTime to be Single Line of text to be able to sort according to
this field.

Any idea?

Answer #2    Answered By: Suresh Chindarkar     Answered On: Feb 08

How can I calculate  a number field  (NumValField) into a currency US

Answer #3    Answered By: Varun Mehta     Answered On: Feb 08

Sounds like you'll need a conversion factor somewhere; this might be a good
candidate for a lookup field, if you're keeping your conversion rates in
another list. Then you can just do the multiply/divide operation in your
calculated field  and choose to display as currency.

Answer #4    Answered By: Junior Jarvis     Answered On: Feb 08

Here's what I would do:

Create a new Date/Time column in the task  list called "Completion Date".
Create a workflow in SPD to run when task items are changed, that does
the following:
If Status = Completed, set "Completion Date" to Today.

Then, as a bonus, you could use content types to hide that "completion
date" field  from forms, so that no one can edit it directly.

Answer #5    Answered By: Sanjay Lohar     Answered On: Feb 08

I thought this calculated  field was working? It appears to work with
Gate1 Rvw and from this point it will not work.

=IF([Gate1 Rvw]="","",IF([BD Status]="Qualified Gate 1",[Gate1 Rvw],IF([Gate2
Rvw]="","",IF([BD Status]="Qualified Gate 2",[Gate2 Rvw],IF([Gate3
Rvw]="","",IF([BD Status]="Qualified Gate 3",[Gate3 Rvw],IF([Gate4
Rvw]="","",IF([BD Status]="Qualified Gate 4",[Gate4 Rvw],""))))))))

Answer #6    Answered By: Mason Salazar     Answered On: Feb 08

I was able to get this to work:

=IF(AND([Gate1 Rvw]<"",[BD Status]="Qualified Gate 1"),[Gate1 Rvw],IF(AND([Gate2
Rvw]<"",[BD Status]="Qualified Gate 2"),[Gate2 Rvw],IF(AND([Gate3 Rvw]<"",[BD
Status]="Qualified Gate 3"),[Gate3 Rvw],IF(AND([Gate4 Rvw]<"",[BD
Status]="Qualified Gate 4"),[Gate4 Rvw],""))))

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