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Bulk document load facility

  Asked By: Phillip    Date: Apr 16    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1743

We have over 100,000 documents of a varying nature, all of which would need
to be migrated into SharePoint. All of these would require a personalised
profile for searching and information purposes. Drag-and-drop would take
too long to do this, and as we are not a software development house, do not
wish to programmatically insert them (using the information and coding
examples) in the SharePoint SDK. Further to this, we do not want to hire a
MSP to do this for us.

What we want, and I understand that it is not out of the box, is a utility -
third party or otherwise - which could read a flat-text file which contains
an array of information (for example:
filename,location,title,author,profilename,profileitems,...) - one per line
for each file. The utility would then read this text file and insert the
files into SharePoint and apply the profile and profile information as

Is such a utility available, and if so, does anyone know where it can be
attained from?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Gerard Randall     Answered On: Apr 16

There will be a workspace export/import tool in the upcoming SPS Res Kit
that could be used. May still need some light coding to create the XML
file that describes the documents to be imported.

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