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Building a Custom List in MOSS using SSP MySites users as the database

  Asked By: Eliezer    Date: Jul 14    Category: MOSS    Views: 1911

I just found this group, I'm looking forward to participating in the

I was unable to find this posted in the archive, so here goes:

In my MOSS implementation, I wish to build a custom List that will
utilize the datasource in the SSP that houses the MySites information.
Quite simply, I want to display a list of all of the users in my Active
Directory, and be able to manage what fields show up in my default view.

I would prefer to place this List in my MOSS site, but if it needs to
reside inside my SSP port site, I can live with that.

Perhaps I'm simply not looking in the right place, but I am not able to
produce a simple list of MySite usernames in the same way that a normal
List would display the default view in an AllItems.aspx page.

Any assistance, guidance, or direction where to look for more
information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



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