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Bringing top level web parts to sub webs

  Asked By: Krysta    Date: Apr 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1379

That worked like a charm. New question and observations: After I have
connected the event web part to a sub web using FP03 data source and
connections, I noticed that the view properties are not quite the same as
they are on the upper level site.

For instance, the modified, modified by, display on the sub web but not
on the upper level site. The settings that they have assigned to them on the
upper level site are different. Specifically; the original event list is set
to a ten item view of Item only, today's date forward to the next ten items
on the list. On the sub web, the items display from Jan/1st 2005 (not today)
and you must use, "next 10 items" to get 7 months forward to today. I went
to the filters to see if I could correct this and set it to current date
"and" greater than current date hoping that would work. I also discovered
that you cannot change the current view without breaking the connection.
This is a bit odd because I assumed dragging and dropping the exact same web
part to a sub web would carry the same properties of that web part, view,
filters, etc. Not simply the data within the web part. What it amounts to is
that the web part on the sub web cannot be made to look like the one on the
top level site or behave like it. (Very easily anyway)

I am pretty close overall I think and will dig around some more and the mere
fact that I know how to connect the sites together now is a huge bonus. I
hope they continue to work on the data connections and hooking up live
databases to Sharepoint because for me anyway that's what it is all about.
Taking report data from a database like QuickBooks and reflecting reports
live on a webpage for our clients to see.

On an aside, I'm curious to know if anyone has played around with the new
Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006 and done any data connections to
Sharepoint with that. Is it possible to connect to SQL desktop database and
find what you are looking for as easily as you can with SQL 2000?

Thanks again for your help; I learn a bit more every day just sitting here
reading and I know there are a lot of folks who appreciate you and others
like you on the list and all of your help!



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Answer #1    Answered By: Marianne Vance     Answered On: Apr 12

The differences you are seeing are due to each case using a different view. The
built-in web  parts at the site level  use views other than the default in most
cases, and the web service will use the default view  unless other is specified.
The filtering behavior and columns that are displayed can be changed either by
changing the view in the data  binding, changing the behavior of the existing
view setup in the data binding, or changing the DVWP properties  and filters

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