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BPs vs. reality

  Asked By: Grace    Date: Jun 17    Category: MOSS    Views: 677

After a year of false starts, it looks like we're close to rolling out
our MOSS 2007 farm to the organization.

The only (major) nagging issue for me is the issue of governance. I
just attended a weekend SharePoint camp and sat through two governance

I left feeling that there is a huge gap between 'MOSS Governance best
practices' and 'the realities of the workplace wanting the tool now'
that I'm not fully resolving in my head.

And, based on the others in the room at the time, everyone seems to be
in the same boat.

The big contradiction for me is the governance mantra of 'plan, plan,
plan, plan, train, train, train, train' vs. the business's 'can we
have sharepoint now? can we have it now? is is ready? can I have it?

Anyways, no real question, I suppose other than how have others been
handling this? Any nightmares? Am I overly worried?

FYI, we're going to be rolling it out with a variety of less than
ideal assumptions, it seems:

- we've chopped the farm into site collections based on regions of
the organization. We'll have about a dozen site collections each
within their own database.

- we're trying to get site collection admins for each one, but that
may not happen. At which point some might become 'ownerless' with IT
adding sites to them with no real oversight.

- big-picture things like document types and records repositories
aren't on the radar at the moment.

- the ultimate goal is to get a working farm running so people can
finally partake in the collaboration tools, but try, as best we can,
to make informed assumptions to hopefully not cause bigger issues a
year from now.

Any general thoughts?



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