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Big problem with accessing DataViews from any "C#" folders using FP

  Asked By: Fredrick    Date: Jan 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1179

I am running against a very peculiar problem. Let me
described the situation and infrastructure we are running to give a
better picture. We are running Microsoft Sharepoint Portal as our
intranet. We have most of the "home pages" of areas unghosted, by
need, although everything else we try to keep the unghosting to a
minimum. Our home page's content is residing in an area
called "Company News". We have announcements, stories, events, and
everything coming from this one area, by means of DataViews, to feed
the content on our home page.

About a month ago and prior to, we were able easily create
DataViews on the home page (or a copy of it), by use of
FrontPage2k3. We had no problems doing this at all. We would then
launch the "copy" as the main default.aspx and everything would work
just fine.

The steps we would do are the following:

1) Navigate to the home page (I'll use home page for this sample)
that we wish to modify or add a DataView to on a browser.

2) Select "Edit Page in Microsoft FrontPage 2003".

3) Save page as, "default_test.aspx".

4) Click on the page where I wanted to create my DataView,
select "Insert DataView" from the Data menu.

5) Click on the bottom where it says "Manage Catalog".

6) In that dialog box, I'd click "Add".

7) "Browse" to Site: intranet.company.net

8) In there I would select the folder that contained the Company
News data, which happened to be the C5 folder.

9) Enter the name "Company News" and click OK

This catalog would then appear in the main window for Data Source
Catalog, and I'd be able to select the "Announcements" list, click
on SHOW DATA or INSERT DATAVIEW and the data would happily insert
where ever I needed it.

Now here's my problem.

When I try to do the steps I have detailed above NOW, I get to step
9 without a problem, BUT when I click on the + to try to access
that data/lists to create the DataView, I get the following errors:


(You do not have permission to do this operation. Ask your web site
administrator to change your permissions, or log on with an user
account that has permission. To log on with a different user
account, click OK.)

I click on OKAY and try to log in,


(Connecting to intranet.company.com... User Name: .... Pw:... )

... it just bounces me back to the same log in screen.

I click on CANCEL and it just says,


(The web http://intranet.company.net/C19/ cannot be opened.)

Has anyone else come across this problem? If so, is there a way to
fix it, we need to continue to be able to access DataViews this
way. I've tried the XML Web Services, it still cannot do what we
need it to do, since it does not handle "Look Up" fields well.
Whenever I try to access a folder that is not named with the "C#"
convention, my data views work JUST FINE. It is isolated to only
folders that are using the "C#" convention.

If the question arises, YES I am Administrator of the box, the
portal server, and domain. Please help me for I really do not know
where to begin to troubleshoot this and try to fix it.



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