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Best practices for debugging "Send to... Records Center" errors

  Asked By: Aiesha    Date: Jan 30    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3878

When "Send to... Records Center" is clicked on the actions menu for a document, the generic error message

XYZ Records Center is not properly configured for this request

is displayed and nothing is logged to the WSS/MOSS log files.

What is the best way to debug this?

Things I've done so far:

1. New portal site with Document Center and Records Center subsites.

2. Created a routing rule for the generic content type Document to place documents in a DocumentsContentType doc lib in the Records Center.

3. In Central Admin, confugured the full URL for the OfficialFiles web service (and have copy/pasted the URL into a browser to make sure it produces the WSDL HTML page): http://server:42344/recordcenterb/portal/_vti_bin/officialfile.asmx

4. Followed the security settings on office.microsoft.com/.../HA101744491033.aspx (added Administrator to the group because that is the user I'm testing with)

5. iisreset.exe



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Answer #1    Answered By: Joanne Greer     Answered On: Jan 30

The problem was an incorrect officialfile.asmx web  service URL. The folllowing URL


should have been


Note: Both URLs appear to work when copy/pasted into IE (i.e. the WSDL HTML page  is displayed).