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Best practice for creating WCM sites - is there any good approach that doesn't involve custom s

  Asked By: Janak    Date: May 05    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1613

I’m having really big issues with the way that we’re supposed to create custom publishing sites, i.e. internet facing web sites. The OOB publishing site template creates a lot of junk that we don’t want or need. And the approach of creating a custom site definition (minimal) is not very nice either, because even if it’s really small, your'e pretty much 100% stuck with it forever once you created your first site based on it. Are you even allowed to change the Hidden property to TRUE to hide a site definition after you've created a site on it?

Wouldn't it be possible to create a publishing site solutions by using a blank site and then activating a feature that sets up all the stuff we need through activation dependencies or code?

If SharePoint should be considered as a serious option for external web sites, there must be a decent solution to this, right?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Anu K     Answered On: May 05

Using a Blank site  as a starting point for creating  a Publishing Site is a totally valid approach. After all the Publishing Site template  is nothing more than a blank  Site with a bunch of Features activated. Whether you can really use it or not depends a lot  on your scenario.
If you want to enable your users to create  new Publishing Sites themselves, you will very likely need a template. Otherwise, if it's for the root site only, you could absolutely use a Blank Site and fill it with the functionality specific to your site.