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Best practice for content types

  Asked By: Urjita    Date: Sep 07    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1347

We have a custom list we created to track all e-mail blasts we send. It is meant
to serve as a request form, workflow, and record of email blasts. It was created
in SPS 2003, so it is very basic.

I am now attempting to make a new one w/ content types for the different types
of e-mail blasts (I believe we have 6). I was trying to figure out the best
approach using content types, but I'm not very experienced w/ them yet.

Instead of creating global content types or ones at the site collection level, I
made a copy of the existing list by saving it as a template, then I went to the
SITE content types (at the site level) and started creating new ones that were
basic (just based on list type, item). I did not create any site columns to use
with the content types, so they are all kind of empty shells.

Next, I went to the list settings, and I added those new content types. Then,
for each one, I modified them to add from "existing site or list columns" and
added from the list columns. It was the easiest approach by far (so I didn't
have to create a million "site columns"), but I want to make sure this is a good
approach and that I'm not digging my own grave unknowingly (so easy to do in

Basically, I didn't bother making these content types at the site collection
level or creating site columns and attaching them to the site content types.
This is because this really only needs to be used at this one level. One list.
Never to be needed again. Or so I'm told.

If you have extensive experience creating content types and you have some best
practices to share, I'd love your advice! I want to do what's best for this
situation, but I don't want to cut corners.



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