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What are the Benefits of Content Types vs List Template in Share

  Date: May 30    Category: MOSS    Views: 895

SharePoint standard terminology is often

- not very helpful

- in allowing people to understand or relate

- the different parts of SharePoint to each other.

A *content type* and a *list template*

- are not really comparable things.

- you would not really decide to use one or the other.

- in fact any *list template* will contain / use

- one or more *content type*

The following brief explanation may help ...

Each *content type* is really

- a named *item type (definition)*

o that you can create

- to "model" a generic type of information "thing"

o that is used in your day-to-day business

Here are names of some possible *content type*

- standard customer letter

- internal memo

- customer contact details

- task

- issue

- weekly report

Each would have an *item type (definition)*

For a specific *list (instance)* that you have created / evolved

- to the point that you consider it is a "very useful" list and

- that you want to be able to create other lists just like it

- it can be saved as a named *list (template)*

The named *list (template)*

- will include each *item type (definition)*

- that was contained in the *list (instance)*

You still need to understand how a *content type* i.e.

- a named *item type (definition)*

- can help you build a good solution

- to meet your business requirements

Kristopher provided one example.

There are many aspects to a *content type*

- suggest you search on-line for some basic videos

- that will walk you through aspects of a *content type*



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