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Beginners questions

  Asked By: Imdrajit    Date: Jan 06    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 734

I have few questions regarding SPS-2003.

1. Is this only for intranet or can be on the internet?

2. Can I write some ASP(x) pages and directly deploy it in portal for public

3. Can I have a web application (say an application to register the users)
and deploy it in the portal(sharepoint), if yes how would I do it?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Daya Sharma     Answered On: Jan 06

You can do it, but you need to develop webparts for those applications.Hope this
answers your question.

Answer #2    Answered By: Nikunj Kansagara     Answered On: Jan 06

The high-level answers are:

1. Is this only for intranet  or can be on the internet?

Yes, SPS2003 can be deployed as an intranet or Internet solution (and it
substantially easier to configure and manage relative to SPS2001).

2. Can I write  some ASP(x) pages  and directly  deploy it in portal  for public

Yes, the web  portal is rendered using Web Page Pages which are, in effect,
ASP.Net pages developed with VS.Net (and FrontPage 2003 - but I haven't
tried it). A web part can have a link that pops up another ASP.Net or any
web application.

3. Can I have a web application  (say an application to register  the users)
and deploy  it in the portal(sharepoint), if yes how would I do it?

Yes, see #2.

Checkout the SDKs and other documentation at

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