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BDC web service help, entity relationships

  Asked By: Daniel    Date: May 21    Category: MOSS    Views: 1071

I have come across a problem with the BDC and my web service. If I create an ADF for my web service that has two entites and a relationship with only one field relating the two it works fine. By working fine I mean I can use the BDC list and related list web parts.

When if i create the two enties and relationship with more than one field relating the two I get an error. The BDC list WP works but the BDC related list WP states it is not configured properly.

surfing the net so far has every thing point to a problem with security and/or authentication. I don't think this is my case. It that was true I would expect all cases to fail. I have one test case working and all others failing.

I was wondering if any one out there could think of any common mistakes that could be causing this? I have been trying to pick up as much information as I can that explains the ADF and how to create them for web services. I have been looking over the ADF and nothing is hitting me. I have even tried looking at the examples from the MOSS SDK and nothing has jumped out to point the way.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Leanne Rios     Answered On: May 21

if memory serves me correct this problem  was user error. You can't have relatioships share entities. I created two entities and then two relationships. The relationships where sharing entities. This is not valid. I had to create  four entities so that each relationship  had its own entites, no sharing or overlap. Every thing  worked fine  after this. I think this was answered in a different post i made.

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