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BDC with inner join returning multiple values (as expected). How to consolidate on a business d

  Asked By: Andrea    Date: Mar 20    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1468

I have created a Business Data Catalog and am using a Web Part w/ Business Data List

to display the data.

The data displayed is joined with other tables. This example, simplified to show my

problem, shows what I am trying to achieve. The default output in the business data

list is (notify the unique identifier ID, this is what I want to group on):





In this example, a person can participate in many sports. Is there anyway in SharePoint

to group data in a column for a unique identifier? So that in the example output,

"Mike" would have both "Baseball" and "Hockey" under a single row and not two

separate rows?

I know it would be possible to use a UDF and create a comma delimited list but I was

hoping SharePoint Server would have some other way to handle this nativly and provide

filtering on the individual values and not the comma delimited list.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Liana Alston     Answered On: Mar 20

You can replace the default  XSLT. To generate an XSLT which groups the results, you can take some help from Data View Webpart.

- Create a Data View Webpart using sharepoint  designer.
- Use your BDC as its Data Source.
- In DVWP we have various templates and options to group  the columns and filter the results. Select the one you feel is best for you.
- Now copy its XSLT from its xsl tag.
- Open your BDC webpart and in its properties, open XSl Editor.
- Replace XSLT in this with the one you copied.