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Backup/Restore (or transfer) of only Discussion Groups

  Asked By: Chaim    Date: Feb 03    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2184

I have heard good things about your group, I think i might have
something for you. My team and I are developing a piece of software
in which the requirements demand that the sharepoint discussion group
be used as forums. There will be improvements made during the course
of release and those improvements will be moved from a test server to
a production server. The problem we ran into is that of not being
able to migrate data between the two WSS servers at will (using the

So far, a webpart has been built that transfers the messages from one
to another, but unfortunately the threading is lost somewhere and all
messages become root level messages. The solution we're looking at
right now is something like this:

foreach(SPListItem item in SourceListItems)
TargetItemAddition = TargetListItems.Add();
TargetItemAddition["Ordering"] = item["Ordering"];

The problem with this is that while the original threading stays
intact during the process, as soon as the line:
TargetItemAddition.Update() is hit, sharepoint concactanates an
additional threading on (i.e. 20060308160190), screwing it all up.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to transfer the discussion
group in full (going through the API)? Or maybe how to change an
item's attributes after the fact?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Christop Mcfadden     Answered On: Feb 03

The discussion  board in WSS v2 is very weak. I think that you will
likely find that you are fighting an uphill battle to get the black box
bits that display the data  to render the way you want it to when moving
the listitems from list to list.

That said, Bil Simser is actively working on getting a replacement
discussion board that works more like a regular forum finished. He may
have some additional insight for you. Bil regularly contributes to these
threads so watch for his reply.

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