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Backup / Restore on very large portals.

  Asked By: Keon    Date: May 20    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1318

Has anyone had problems backing up and restoring large SharePoint
Portals (2003)? I'm working on a very large Government portal
project....I'm talking about the "SITE" database in SQL in excess of
250G! I have never been able to successfully backup or restore the
portal using the SharePoint Backup and Restore Utility....it seems to
get halfway through and quit. We had a problem with our front-end
servers about a month ago and lost our portal....however, all the
data was safe and sound in SQL in the SharePoint generated databases.
Try as we might, we could not use the SharePoint Backup and Restore
Utility to restore the portal from the databases themselves. This was
the work-around: Using the SQL backup in Enterprise Manager, we
created backups of the SharePoint databases in the SQL server. Then,
on the front-end, we created a new virtual server and installed our
default, out-of-the box SharePoint Portal baseline. This in turn
created the new databases in SQL. Now, since the databases (new
portal and the old one we could not restore) are identical in tables
and structure, we simply used Enterprise Manager in SQL to restore
the SharePoint databases to the new SQL instance for the new
portal....because they were so large, this took almost 16 hours. But,
when the last restore finally finished....BINGO! We had restored our
old portal with all of it's data. I just don't understand why the
SharePoint Backup and Restore Utility will not complete the large
backup jobs so we don't have to go through that again. Also, has
anyone found a successful replication strategy in SQL to synchronize
identical SharePoint portals on different farms?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Brooks Bond     Answered On: May 20

have you looked at the medium farm topology? just map a virtual server to an existing content database?

Answer #2    Answered By: Gregg Wilkinson     Answered On: May 20

Yes, it is a medium farm topology, and yes I do already have another
virtual server extended and mapped to this portal....what I meant in
regards to replication, is having replication configured in SQL to
replicate my portal to another server in a DIFFERENT farm over a
network. This server would be our backup  server to temporarily run
our portal on a single server if we need to.

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