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Backup needs to run on a web front end maschine

  Asked By: Martina    Date: Dec 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1156

I'm testing SPS v2.0 beta2, on a win2003 server with SQL2k sp3. I have added
some content to the sharepoint server, so i can try and test the backup and
restore functions. For backup i'm using SPSbackup that comes with Sharepoint.
My backup completes successfully (configDB and teamDB)

Now to my problem.
I installed the Technical Refresh and after that i can't start SPSbackup.
I get the error message "The Sharepoint Portal Backup tool needs to be run on a
web front end maschine"
Why is that, and what am i doing wrong ?

If anybody has links to good documentation to SPSbackup i would also be
Have searched on MSD2D, Microsoft newsgroup, Sharepointu, and this yahoo group.
Haven't found answers yet.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Aja Howe     Answered On: Dec 10

Curious, is your test  running on a single machine? I am assuming you did
not install in a server  farm.

Answer #2    Answered By: Cecil Mckenzie     Answered On: Dec 10

Mark - a couple of thoughts:
1) if you are just now starting to work with V2 Beta Tech Refresh - you
should (seriously) consider going to the RTM version (now the commercial
release). It is available on MSDN download.

2) I found  lots of problems (yours and many more) when the Tech Refresh is
applied to an existing portal  (as an upgrade). It worked much better when I
started with a cold install of Server 2003(+service packs), and then install
SPS from the TR CD as a new portal.

3) SPSbackup formats are not compatible (for restore) between sps  builds.
So your pre-Tech-Refresh backup  can't be restored to a SPS at TR level & the
TR level can't be restored to or used a source for creating the RTM version
of SPS.

Answer #3    Answered By: Jaclyn Gordon     Answered On: Dec 10

yes, i'm running on a single maschine.
I guess i'm not in the best situation
Some enthutiastic developpers in house wanted to see the new version
of SPS, so i installed  the beta2. Now 2 months later i found  out
that they have put it to production(who could imagine that?).

Any ideas on taking a backup  of the SQL base and restore that to a
new 2003 server  with the RTM version ?

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