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Avoiding document duplicity

  Asked By: Abhilash    Date: Oct 18    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1012

Designing SharePoint Infrastructure (Exam 70-xxx):

We've got 3 workspaces which correspond to our 3 divisions. Each division has
its own projects (defined by folders). Access to folders are limited to those
who deal with the project.
After a while the project leader decides to make some documents available to the

1. How can you make some documents available to others who are not part of the
project while not allowing them to read the other project documents (tip:
setting read permission in the folder would not work for this situation).

2. How can you guarantee that modifications made in the original document will
be replicated (manual replication is not feasible for you can´t rely on users

3. How can you avoid document duplicity (which wastes resources).

Gentlemen, those are the points I´ve been pondering.
Opinions are very welcolme.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Monica Bailey     Answered On: Oct 18

The problem you point out is essentially the basic function of using properties,
profiles and categories to define a taxonmy instead of relying on folder
heirachies to imply structure.

There's a great site talking about it here:

And several MS presentations that go into how to implement a taxonmy structure
with SPS.

The idea would be to put your documents  into folder  whatever way you see fit and
use document  profiles and categories to organize and access  the information. As
for security, it would have to be done on a file by file basis, or create new
folders in your document library to separate content via folder security and
categories to present a unified view of a projects  documentation.

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