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AvePoint vs Control Point

  Asked By: Jason    Date: Apr 22    Category: MOSS    Views: 4029

Just wondering if any of you have used both products, what would you
say was the strength of the product you preferred and which that

We are looking into getting something for administration control and
something for backup/restore.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Amrita Bunha     Answered On: Feb 11

We have AvePoint's DocAve. For doing backup and restore to the individual item
level, it is nearly "toast". It works as you would expect. The documentation of
their products are very limited and, I've mention it to them a number of times.
Plan to work with their 800 support people. Let me just say I've always had
great success with their support people. They are local here to the USA in NJ
and NY. Top notch in their support.

We have also used some of their other add-ons to DocAve. We have the Site Bin
Recycle feature turned on and it works great. This was the easiest to configure.
We also use their Extender and File Connector. Please feel free to ask if you
have any other specific questions.

Answer #2    Answered By: Chandrabhan Baroova     Answered On: Feb 11

Ditto for the DocAve suite. Have used it at a lot of clients sites. Has a
great feature set for the price. IMO, the greatest strength is the support. They
are an extremely agile company. On a number of occasions at client sites where
the clients specific environment has caused issues with DocAve they have been
quick to respond, quick to implement patches, and on more than one occasion they
have even augmented their product line to add functionality that a client needed
(i.e. migration of PDF properties into SharePoint properties).

Their documentation is limited but has also been improving as of late. Shoot
any question you got on their product along.

Answer #3    Answered By: Ishita Mistry     Answered On: Feb 11

Office Talk <http://www.office-talk.com/> are a reseller of both and we
have a number of customers (both in Public and Private Sector) who use both
products to allow them complete management of all areas of their SharePoint.

AvePoint <http://www.office-talk.com/index.php?id=37> is in my opinion the
best SharePoint backup tool available and very easy to configure, backup and
restore all levels (from item level to whole farms). AvePoint is also very
useful for migrating.

ControlPoint <http://www.office-talk.com/index.php?id=119> is really a
management tool and great for easily being able to manage hidden away
permissions. Say a user leaves then with ControlPoint you can very easily
find and remove all their permissions. It also allows you to make changes
throughout farms for example a logo change can be quickly changed.
ControlPoint is also useful for moving sites (or groups of sites) between
servers or farms.

I would seriously suggest trialling both the products and then seeing which
one you use the most or buy them both.

You will find both AvePoint and Control Point at SharePoint Village

Answer #4    Answered By: Gobinda Borooah     Answered On: Feb 11

The next release is to be totally redone as a .NET application. No more JAVA...I
agree that the current interface is difficult and the documentation does not
help and, some components have that feeling of being added in after the fact.
Let's hope the new release improves on all of that.

Again, I can't say enough about their support and the actual backups running
once they are configured.

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