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Automatic push of information

  Asked By: Efrain    Date: Jul 17    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1730

I would like to push one particular web part to a distribution list
(MS Outlook) on a weekly basis. Even if the distribution list has
not signed up for alerts. It would be a "Whats New This Week" type
email. Has anyone done this? Thanks



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Javier Hawkins     Answered On: Jul 17

Through SPS? There is no push  mechanism through SPS. You could use
regular email.

Answer #2    Answered By: Tracy Bass     Answered On: Jul 17

There is no push  mechanism
in the portal for alerts. However, using email rules and
distribution groups, we have been able to rig up "push alerts."

In once case, for my own team, we have an email-enabled AD group and
a site collection where we manage all of our team activities. I
subscribed myself to all the key libraries, lists, etc. to receive a
daily summary. When I did that, though, I changed my email address
(can do only in WSS - not SPS) to be that of our AD group. So now,
the entire group receives a daily summary and we don't have to play
with the alerts  as we add / remove people from the group. However,
there are 2 negatives to this approach. 1) Users can't opt out of
the daily summary if they want to remain in the AD group (which also
controls our security permissions). I'm okay with that because I
don't want to give the members of my team a choice in the matter. ;-
) and 2) as we add / remove lists on our site, I have to go in and
set alerts.

In another case, rather than setting the alerts to go directly to a
distribution list, I set all of the key ones to come to my email
account. Then, I set up a rule to say when messages arrive with X
in the subject line from <portal>, forward them to X,Y,Z, except if
the subject line contains RE: or FW:. In this case, I control the
distribution group via the rule rather than having it tied to our
security group, but I still have to edit my alerts if the site
design changes. This approach works for areas as well as sites,
since it doesn't require an email address change in the alert itself.

Be sure to get your Outlook rule just right, though. In the
beginning, if someone would reply, everyone would get the reply as
well. Hence, the exception clause.

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