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Automated Backup

  Asked By: Jackie    Date: May 06    Category: MOSS    Views: 711

What are some of the methods you use to backup your MOSS 2007 farm on
a scheduled basis? I see that the Backup/Restore feature from within
Central Admin does a full-fidelity backup of all the web and the
database parts in your farm and that is great. The only drawback I
see is that you can't automate this and make it on a scheduled basis -
it's one-time only. I am also looking at the stsadm utility to do the
backup and just throw it into a batch file and schedule it up using
the OS's Scheduled Tasks utility. My only question there is if all
the databases also get included in this BAK file when doing it this
way? Do any of you know for sure?

Is anyone out there willing to share the batch file they use to
automate such a backup or is it simply the following (copied from Bill
English's Admin Guide):

stsadm.exe -o backup -url http://portal.contoso.msft/sites/HR
-filename c:\ossbackups\hrbackup.bak

Would I have to do this for all my Site Collections or could it be
done at the Farm level somehow?



6 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Ana Payne     Answered On: May 06

If you use STSADM -o backup  and instead of a site and filename provide it the
same directory you provide Central Admin for backups it can write the same type
of backups, and they can be viewed and restored in Central Admin.

Answer #2    Answered By: Hema Hegde     Answered On: May 06

beautiful, thanks. that's the solution I'll go with.

Answer #3    Answered By: Lacey Daniels     Answered On: May 06

If you backup  using stsadm -o backup -directory
<file:///\\backupservernetbiosname\backupsharename> -backupmethod full,
that is a full backup, including the SQL databases.

Answer #4    Answered By: Megan Martin     Answered On: May 06

Has anyone created any automated  scripts to backup  a portal/site?

Answer #5    Answered By: Donta Kirkland     Answered On: May 06

A .bat in scheduled tasks that runs stsadm -o export or stsadm -o backup
would work 'dandy' I'm sure.

Answer #6    Answered By: Cade Velazquez     Answered On: May 06

You can use STSADM -o export to back up a web.
You can use STSADM -o backup  -filename to back up a site collection
You can use STSADM -o backup -directory to back up a farm or content databases.

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