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I automate the same broken permissions for each new Sub-Site

  Asked By: Carlton    Date: Jan 26    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 972

My customer has parent sites (like Customer XX, Customer YY, Customer ZZ) for
which he wants to create sub-sites for each project (like Project XX01, Project
XX02, Project XX03 for Customer XX).

The site template for a new project works, and has several libraries.

The client wants Group A and Group B to access the first library; Group C and
Group D to access the second library; and five groups to access the third

Here is the problem: I only know how to do that manually, and the client wants
it done automatically.

I do it by breaking permissions for each library, and then customizing the
"Document Library Settings > Permissions" for each library. I customize these
three libraries for each new project sub-site.

The customer wants a hands-off way for this to happen automatically.

I tried creating a new site, breaking and setting the permissions accordingly,
saving the site as a site template, and reusing the site template; however, in
newly created sites, all libraries have the same permissions as the site.

I tried looking for a third-party tool to run automatically, but found none.

Any ideas/suggestions?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Rosanna Parrish     Answered On: Jan 26

Best way to achieve this to use a Feature. you need to write code to do this.

code will do following thins.

1. It will create  5 groups
2. Will break inheritance on 4 of them without copying the permissions
3. add proper group  to each of the 4 libraries.

site owner need to activate this feature every-time he create this feature or
you can use a feature-receiver.