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Auto-set custom theme on MySite "My Home" private view

  Asked By: Britney    Date: Mar 16    Category: MOSS    Views: 3747

We have developed a custom theme that appears in the theme pick list
for MOSS 2007 MySites. We would like that custom theme to be applied
to a users MySite on creation. After the site is created, users can
change the theme to something else, but also have the option to go
back to our custom one.

I am using the Alternate Style Sheet on the MySite Gateway, to
override the default theme. This works and overrides the default
styles in the MySite Gateway, the "My Profile" page in MyStite, but
NOT on the "My Home" page in MySite. The "My Home" page is un-changed
and has the Microsoft default blueish theme. This is a problem
because when users come to their MySite, they land on the "My Home"
page, which has the default theme.

What is the best way to apply a custom theme to the users "My Home"
page in MySite only on site creation?

Options I've considered already:

1. Modify the CORE.CSS file to force default theme overrides globally.
(this method creates problems when users change the theme, styles do
not render correctly in some cases)
2. Add code to the MySite master page using SharePoint Designer to
auto-set theme on site creation, then add a flag in the SharePoint DB
to never set it again.
3. Add code directly to the content page of MySite My Home page.
4. Write code to create a feature that is attached to the new MySite
created event.

I've read this guide 'Customizing MOSS 2007 MySites' MSDN blog here:

I guess I'm wondering if there is a simple way since I only care about
auto-setting a custom theme, once, on site creation.



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