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Authentication Providers & Client Integration

  Asked By: Madhavi    Date: Mar 15    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1193

We have set up a SharePoint WSS 3 server on our DMZ and have started to
set up a few sites. To ease administration of accounts we moved these
sites to Form Based Authentication and we give the site administrator a
custom made web interface to create, edit, and delete user accounts.
When we created the Web Application we turned on Client Integration so
that we would be able to edit documents and save back to the document
library, be able to use the muliple file upload feature and such. What
we are seeing though is that when I click on a Word document to open it
from the document library Word will open and it acts like it is
attempting to get the file for me but nothing ever shows up in Word. I
can download the document and view it fine but the opening and saving
the file directly back to the library does not seem to be working very
well. Is this because we are using Forms Based Authentication? Is
there a way that we can get around this if that is the case??



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Jacklyn Burnett     Answered On: Mar 15

Yes, it is because of forms based  authentication. Sharepoint wants the
application to authenticate to it like it would to a file  share. Your
application doesn't have a concept of forms  based authentication  like
you are able to do when accessing content through the browser.

Answer #2    Answered By: Breann Beach     Answered On: Mar 15

The workaround is to have persistent cookies. We enable the "remember
me" checkbox on the login page to acheive this.
Doing this stores a persistent cookie on the client  machine and this
cookie can be used by browser and office applications.

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