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Authentication Prompt

  Asked By: Chelsea    Date: Mar 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2511

I'm on the road and was asked a question that I know has been answered here before. If you are in this situation (I don't even like being on one domain, let alone multiple domains), what are you doing to mitigate this problem?

Q. I have a SharePoint portal… Users on a different domain have to use it, so I implemented basic authentication. I get the authentication login everytime I open an office document. I was wondering if you could give me some insight into all the solutions that people have come up with for this. I know this isn't the first time this problem has occurred…



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Answer #1    Answered By: Damon Garner     Answered On: Mar 12

I would allow Integrated and Basic authentication. Then the users  who are logged into the same domain  will not have the login  prompt. The problem  I see is that the office  applications open  the document  but try to call back to the sharepoint  server for information such as the Shared Workspace Task Pane info. The credentials that were typed into the Internet Explorer Application do not transfer to the office application, forcing you to re-authenticate to the server.

You many want to disable the Shared Workspace task pane for your remote users. I haven't tried it, but unless it makes the calls in the background, this MAY work. You can turn it off by clicking the options link at the bottom of the task pane. If you do try this, please reply to let us know if it works or not.

If the server accepts Integrated authentication, then it's not a problem because the Office application can automagically send your credentials through just like IE. However, this will not fix the problem for users who are not logged into a trusted domain.

Answer #2    Answered By: Christop Mcfadden     Answered On: Mar 12

Every process needs to be authenticated. Because Office is another process, there will be a login  prompt. The only way to mitigate this is to keep word open, by just closing the document, and not word itself… keeping outlook open  sometimes helps.

Answer #3    Answered By: Harshita Padwal     Answered On: Mar 12

I did a bit more testing on my own, and this is what I've found...

First off.. The suggestion I had before about turning off the Shared Workspace task pane does NOT really solve the problem.

Linking to a document  in SharePoint is fine, and works exactly as expected.. The file is sent down through IE to your browser and your machine figures out what to open  it with. This scenario works as most would expect without having to re-authenticate from your office  application. This applies only to links to documents, such as Portal listings - not clicking on the document from a document library.

The difference with a document library is that the link to the document in a document library view adds an extra "onclick" event that causes the office application to open, and request the document - this is not normal web behavior. the onclick info can be found by viewing the source of the document library view page, and you should be able to find:

<A onfocus=OnLink(this)

When this occurs, your office application tries to access the document, but as it is a separate process from IE, it is unable to authenticate automatically. I tried setting up different types of views, but they all seem to add that extra onclick event. One way that you can get around it is by using Portal to present the documents through listings, or by creating a DVWP to display the links for presentation. Obviously this won't work if you need a collaborative environment for those users  - this would only be for consumers.

I've found one other solution for those users using Windows XP Pro... Windows XP Pro has a feature called a KeyRing. You can access it through Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Advanced (tab) -> Manage Passwords. From here you can enter the credentials that Windows applications will use when accessing external resources. Once this is set for your site you should no longer see the login prompt  from IE or your Office applications. Note that if you change your password on the network, you'll need to update it on your keyring.

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