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AspnetDB user profiles in sharepoint

  Asked By: Demarco    Date: May 05    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1838

Has anybody tried to access the aspnet db profiles in sharepoint 2007 webpart

currently we have site which is forms authenticated.We added few custom property
in web.config

When we tried to access the property in webpart we get null

Are we missing anything



7 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Lalit Bhattacharya     Answered On: May 05

Where are you storing the profiles...are they in a SQL database ..?? Are you
using a Provider???

Answer #2    Answered By: Gwendolyn Acosta     Answered On: May 05

The profiles  are stored in Sql database .The users and profiles are stored
using aspnetmembership provider through an external web application.The only
question was getting the profiles in sharepoint  site as i get the profiles
object as null.Is there anything else to be done

Answer #3    Answered By: Kyle Hernandez     Answered On: May 05

I think your profiles  are not "Integrated
authenticated profiles" right??? they
are NOT in the Domain group of users that access  SharePoint. They should be
users that come in from
the outside right??? You have your authenticated domain users and your web users
but you should have them not neccesarily in a sharepoint  domain user  profile but
as a user in SharePoint ...
do you get them as a user in Sharepoint with rights etc.????

If you don't you have to specify the "aspnet membership" as your authenticated
users also so that you
will see their profile.

Answer #4    Answered By: Kedar Phule     Answered On: May 05

The site is aspnetmembership authenticated .all the users are hence coming from
aspnetDB ,Also they are not domain users.Currently we did not find the way to
import the profiles  through central administration .Also i do get the users in
site as they have been exclusively added in site ,hence they all appear in
"People and groups i.e. user  information list.the issue was the custom property
which was created in web.config .

the problem was we get the Profiles object NULL in webpart for the current
user.but in other web application we get the profiles object ..hence unable to
know the issue.

Answer #5    Answered By: Chanel Gaines     Answered On: May 05

Understood...did you build the web part for integrated authenticated users...???

Is it your own personal web part...sounds like you need additional code in the
web part

to pull in the users from the aspnetdb...very easily done.

It sounds like it is doing what it is suppose to ...I have always been able to
pull in data from

SQL database ...just a little ADO code and format right for the web part and you
got your

aspnetDB profiles. Is this a membership web part already included ....or where
did you

get the web part.???

Answer #6    Answered By: Timmy Whitney     Answered On: May 05

No ,This webpart is not provided by sharepoint  , I am building this webpart .I
can get user  who logs in from the Context but the PRofile object always remains
null ,that is the issue.

How do we populate the profile in current context when the data is already there
in aspnetdb database.
Since these have custom properties.

Answer #7    Answered By: Harihar Sonnad     Answered On: May 05

Yes you are most defintely going to have to bring in the profiles  using a
methodology. Merging them and displaying them together ...I am not sure...

I built a web part that displays their employee name, employee location,
employee time off taken
time off accummulated using a SQL backend...works just fine...You can do that
with your
aspnetDB. Not knowing what your code looks like I do not know how you will merge
the two.
but again it is easily implemented using ADO and acccessing the SQL Database.

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