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Application Template Issue - Update and Questions

  Asked By: Caleb    Date: Nov 09    Category: MOSS    Views: 1243

I originally posted a message about and issue with one of the WSS 3 /
MOSS 40 Application Templates to the group here. Since then I've
contacted MS for technical support, and after 16 days they are still
having issues. In other words, they haven't got a clue and they are in
no hurry to figure it out. So I'm going to post this issue here and see
if anyone can point a few things out.


With the Employee Activities Site application template in MOSS 2007, the
normal 'contribute' permissioned users (non-admins) are unable to
register for an activity.


The failure of the attempt to register for an activity yields:

"Error: Access Denied

Current User

You are currently signed in as CASL\someuser

Sign in as a different user"


This application based site was created under
/<Portal-top-level-site>/SiteDirectory/<Operations Site Name>/rsvp

The site inherits permissions from the parent (<Operations Site Name>).

When permissions are broken off and groups are added as 'contributors'
to the site, the problem does not resolve itself.


If I create another site based on the template under one of the other
/<Portal-top-level-site>/SiteDirectory/ sites, IT in this case, IT WORKS

When I drill down into the ADVANCED permissions for the two employee
activity template based sites, I notice that the number of permission
options is different.

The working site [../IT/..] has 7 permission types:

Full Control, Design, Contribute, Read, Limited Access, Custom 83,
Custom 370

The broken site has 13 permission types:

Content Manager, Member, Custom 59, Custom 60, Custom 61, Full Control,
Design, Manage Hierachy, Approve, Contribute, Read, Restricted Read,
Limited Access

The IT site I just slapped a test of the template on is an upgraded site
from 2003, if that matters at all. The <Operations Site Name> site is a
new site native to MOSS...

I have tried all basic permissions, but mostly giving a group
'contribute' rights and adding to the site.

Does anyone have any ideas?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Kurt Gilbert     Answered On: Nov 09

What are the base permissions of the Contribute Permission Level on the
broken site  compared to the base permissions of the a Permission Level
that works? Perhaps the template  establishes a non-standard Contribute
Permission Level.

Answer #2    Answered By: Jaya Deoghar     Answered On: Nov 09


After THREE WEEKS, Microsoft tech support  finally got back to me.

The Employee Activity Site template  from MS is actually flawed. MS Tech
Support has put in a request to have the template fixed, as it's not
configuring the security properly in the Workflow's task list.

So at the end of the day, there is a hidden list or something that they
permissions need to be modified on in order for the users of the EAS
template to be able to use it. Since the site  permissions are not
inherited with the EAS's workflow, or something like that, at certain
times the application  fails due to inconsistent security settings.

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