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App Pools, Web Applications, and so much more

  Asked By: Fallon    Date: Jan 24    Category: MOSS    Views: 1964

I'm testing MOSS 2007 and have as a companion, both Bill English's
Administrator Companion and Todd Bleeker's Developer Guide to WSS 3.0.

I'm not a server admin (or at least wasn't for most of my experience with
v2) so understanding what was happening at the IIS level seemed basic to me;
1 Portal per virtual server with a MSSharePointAppPool account. Increase the
number of Portals, but all used the same App Pool until max out at 15
Portals. Okay, got it.

Now, introduce MOSS with it's default setting of creating a new app pool for
each new web application, a new web application for almost any type of site
collection we want, SSP's, and the whole master page idea, and we have a
very different beast.

I'm taking the long road in my testing, trying to do due diligence to my
reading homework in the above mentioned texts (which I am very grateful for)
and an increasing amount of SharePoint blog postings. But I just can't seem
to get my head around all the new features of MOSS, and how best to utilize
them. I've read some of the recommendations on how many Web apps per app
pool (say that 5 times quickly :-) ) but there doesn't seem to be a clear
answer on why or what the implications are for choosing one architecture
over another. I have an environment that while functioning, is seriously
lacking in solid architectural design. Since I wasn't here for the intial
configuration, I want to ensure we don't make the same mistake again.

My environment has only 20 top-level areas, about 3 levels of subsites (so,
< 300 SPS sites), and a few thousand WSS sites. I have an oppotunnity here
to make a supportable architecture, and would appreciate any and all imput
to help guide me toward that goal.
As always, I'm grateful for everyone's input.



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Lynette Sawyer     Answered On: Jan 24

I recommend the following:

app  Pool for Central Admin

1 App Pool for SSP

1 App Pool for all other Web Apps (portals)

If you wish to further increase process isolation, you can create
additional application pools  (with associated identity) for each Web
app. This isn't required or necessarily recommended - only when security
is an issue. Every Web app you add in MOSS07 requires 150-200MB RAM, so
for performance, fewer app pools are better.

We could argue this round or flat, but I am not sure how much security
multiple App pools buys you, seeing as they must all be local
administrators on every server in the farm anyway. Oh yeah, multiple
app pools can buy you some isolation between Web apps, in case you have
a Web app go nose-up.

Answer #2    Answered By: Shelton Dickson     Answered On: Jan 24

Of course, adding multiple threads to the app  pool can get you some way round a
badly behaving web  app with a regular schedule to recycle the app pool and
warmup scripts for the web apps

Certainly your central admin should be on its own app pool

I am not sure that I would bother with separate app pools  for ssp and content if
they are on the same server - as Ben says, your security is all shot in that
instance in any event - if they are on separate servers then, yes, I would
consider using separate app pool accounts though a lot of people suggest using
one account as it removes any problems with different parts of the solutgion
being able to commmmunicate with each other

I thought that the number of web apps is more down to your design rather than
performance although with moss  fewer web apps each with more site collections is
supposedly far better for performance than more web apps each with fewer site
collections (if that makes sense) but I couldn't tell you why

Also, the standard sizing advice is:

No more than 10 web apps per app pool

No more than 20 web apps on one server without starting to load balance (I.e
more than this and you probably have a medium farm on your hands)

Use multiple threads per app pool as stsadm will always reserve a thread for

Just my thoughts but I am sure others will also have a slightly different take
on this.

Answer #3    Answered By: Caleb Gordon     Answered On: Jan 24

I always prefer to
keep things as simple as possible, and it appears that I can keep it that

Answer #4    Answered By: Angarika Shroff     Answered On: Jan 24

We have Security concerns that has led us to choose the following

app  pool for CA

1 App Pool for a public SSP

1 App Pool for internal / private SSP

1 App Pool for all public portals

1 App Pool for all private portals that use the private SSP

1 app Pool to isolate mysites.

This might be a little overkill and the permutations of service accounts
are dizzying, but we want to make sure we don't inadvertently expose
private content to our public patrons through searches.

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