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Anyone Using SharePoint 2010 add-on called Longitude from BAInsight?

  Asked By: Hiral    Date: Dec 16    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 872

I saw a demo today of a SharePoint 2010 add-on from BAInsight called Longitude,
which improves the search experience in several ways. Has anyone used this
product? Any opinions? It looks to me like the search results viewer, which
speeds up the process of examining the documents in a search results page
because the relevant parts of the documents are cached on the index server and
presented via Silverlight without having to launch Microsoft Word or whatever
and without having to download the entire document. We have some remote offices
that complain about the performance of our internal SharePoint, particularly
when they are trying to determine whether something they have searched for
actually will be useful, because they have to download the whole document across
our slow WAN and then search for the search terms to see where they appear in
the document. It looks like Longitude solves this problem by downloading a small
version of the document, page by page, on request, so the user never has the hit
of downloading the entire document unless they are sure they want it. Sounds
useful in our environment. Has anyone found this product useful?



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