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Another SPPS 2003 Problem

  Asked By: Madhu    Date: Nov 23    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 725

We have an Alternate Access Mapping to our Enterprise SPPS 2003 Portal
that allows personnel to access the portal while away from our
location via https://FQDN/default.aspx. This has been working for
several years.

Recently, we started getting error:

You cannot view this area, either because the area no longer exists,
or because you do not have the rights to view this area. To change
your rights, contact the site administrator.

Yesterday I deleted the Alternate Access Mapping, blew away the IIS
web site,created a new one with the certificate for the FQDN, and
reestablished the Alternate Acess Mapping and it worked. This is it
worked until this morning when I tried to go to the portal then the
same error showed up. Here is the strange thing, I can go to any of
the team sites; e.g., https://fqdn/sites/site1,
https://fqdn/sites/site2, https://fqdn/sites/site3, etc. I can goto
https://fqdn/_layouts/1033/viewlsts.aspx and see all of the top level
portal content and even click on one of the libraries or lists and go
to it and open items. Just can't get to the portal main page.

Also of note is that when I go to
https://fqdn/_layouts/1033/viewlsts.aspx or any of the libraries or
lists, the page only shows the Home tab and of course that does not

I have looked at the event logs and web logs and cannot find anything
to indicate what happened. There were updates to the .Net Framework on
4 Aug and did end up having to redo some custom applications that had
been running for several years because it contained the following

Dim virtualServer As SPVirtualServer =
Dim siteCollections As SPSiteCollection = virtualServer.Sites

Dim siteCollection As SPSite
'Trace.Warn("sitecollections count [" &
virtualServer.Sites.VirtualServer.Url.ToString & "]")
Dim dirName As String
For Each siteC In siteCollections

Response.Write(siteCollection.Url + "<BR>")
If InStr(siteC.Url, "/sites/") Then

dirName = "" & Mid(siteCollection.Url, InStrRev(siteC.Url, "/") + 1)
showItems(siteC, dirName)
End If

Next siteCollection

The application would error out when it got to the For Each
siteCollection saying there was an invalid object. As a quick fix I
coded separate SPSites for each site and called the function:

Dim SDsiteCollectionA As New SPSite(http://srvername/sites/sd")
showItems(SDsiteCollectionA, "sd")

The above may or may not be relevant to the AAM problem but I looking
at everything I can think of.



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