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Anonymous, [Me], and 401 UNAUTHORIZED

  Asked By: Marlin    Date: Oct 17    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2209

I have an anonymous site with anonymous access to all pages and lists.

Why is it when I add a view that includes the calculation [Me], I get a
401 UNAUTHORIZED error for anonymous users?

I get that [Me] makes no sense unless I'm logged in, but say I want a
page that would show a web part exposing this view when the user IS

How do I include this in a page without anonymous users always getting

Do I need to add security trim around the web part?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Elisabeth Walsh     Answered On: Oct 17

My knee-jerk reaction is that setting up an audience that would
exclude anonymous  users, then making the web part in question show for
that audience would eliminate the issue. However, that really depends
on how you're set up - audiences (as far as I know) don't have an
exclude rule (in other words, you can't say "this audience contains
everyone but Bob, Norma, and Shirley").

Security groups really would be your friend in this case - if everyone
that authenticates is part of the same AD security group, you'd be set
(or if everyone is somewhere in a security group, you can just add all
of those to the audience definition).

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