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Allow users to specify 'Save' folder for Adv. Announcements Web part

  Asked By: Nirmal    Date: Dec 05    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 706

I'm using the Advanced Announcements web part, its the one that
allows users to enter announcments using a form. What my problem was
is that we are going to have many different subdashboards where users
can import their own web parts from our gallery. One of the web parts
is this announcements web part. It is possible they may use this
announcements web part more than once on a subdashboard, therefore,
each version of the part may have to point to its own 'read'
and 'save' folder. We don't want them to have to open the
announce.xml and modify the parameters everytime. So I modified the
vbscript within the 'embedded' content area to look for within the
Announcements folder that has the same name of the web part with this

Set nodPartName = node.selectSingleNode("Title")
strPartName = CStr(nodPartName.nodeTypedValue)

It basically overrides the settings in the announce.xml file. This
requires the user to only have to create a folder within the
Announcements folder with the same name as the web part. It works
fine in terms of reading from the correct folder but when I try to
add a new announcements, it still writes to the Announcements folder
itself. The file 'addlistitem.asp' does not interpret this line of
code I am trying to subsititute:

sRequestFolder = GetWorkspaceURL() & "/Portal Content/Announcements/"
& strPartName

Its not picking up the variable strPartName, and so it continues to
write the new announcements into the Announcements folder itself. It
only works when I hard code the name of the folder within the
Announcements folder like this:

sRequestFolder = "http://myserver/workspace/Portal

Can you help me please? I need some hints as to why this is not



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