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Allow anonymous comments in internal blog?

  Asked By: Bruce    Date: Mar 07    Category: MOSS    Views: 4665

We're building our intranet in MOSS and have a requirement to create an
internal blog. We use Windows/NTLM authentication. Our sponsor wants
employees to be able to comment on blog postings anonymously. I don't
see any OOB way to set this up in the blog template. What would be
perfect would be the same functionality as in the survey template,
wherein the admin can set the survey to not show respondents' names
(they're obfuscated with "***"). We sometimes add a question that allows
respondents to optionally give their names, which I could do in the blog
comments list. But how can we preserve the security of the internal blog
yet allow internal readers to comment anonymously? (Seems like this is
kind of a "miss" in the blog site template.)

Any thoughts?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Corina Duran     Answered On: Mar 07


Answer #2    Answered By: Gubata Chris     Answered On: Mar 28

Not 100% about MOSS and the specifics about what you are running, but I'm pretty sure it is not possible. This article is about SP 2010 (social.msdn.microsoft.com/.../46a79a55-8fb9-4f7a-9e8b-efa2c8394345) but I would imagine from the explanation that it would be the same in MOSS.

But, have you tried changing the permissions for that site/list? There is no OOTB way to give users the option to submit a blog post anonymously if they are already logged in, and a custom webpart would have to be written.

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