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Advantages of workflow's over webparts

  Asked By: Lacy    Date: Aug 23    Category: MOSS    Views: 1118

i recently attended an interview. i could not able to get some questions. if
you know the answer let the me know.

1) What are the advantages of workflow's over webparts?

2) In a site i had uploaded a file. I search with the key word during the
search operation. But i could not get the file.
What could be the reasons?

3) after installing the moss 2007, mysite will be created. now i don't want
to the same. i wanna to create a replica of mysite.
Is it possible?explain in detail.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Otis Blackwell     Answered On: Aug 23

It sounds like you need to study up on SharePoint in general. Workflows
and webparts  aren't really comparable at all, so you're probably supposed to
describe the function and potential uses of each one. You can find
information by searching for "what is sharepoint workflow" or something

Like most modern search  engines, SharePoint Search doesn't search the
actual content; rather, it indexes the content in a database and queries
that database. If your content is new, then it hasn't been added to that
database yet; you can search for "sharepoint crawl" to learn more about how
that happens.

Not really sure what you mean about "a replica of My Site". Also, My
Site is not created by default, you have to create a Shared Service Provider
(SSP) in order for this to happen.

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