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Administration from webapp

  Asked By: Josiah    Date: Feb 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 710

I have a slightly different requirement for using Sharepoint in a solution, I was wondering if any of you can help me with some ideas on how to get it done.

I need to create a .Net web application from which I can do Sharepoint administration stuff.

If I host this web application within the _layouts folder of the Sharepoint virtual server it is working without any problem.

i.e. Portal Url – http://server:1000

Web App url – http://server:1000/_layouts/WebApplication1/WebForm1.aspx

What I want to know is

1. Can I host the web application in another virtual server? Suppose SPS is hosted in the Default Web Application (port 80), can I host the web application any other port

2. Can I host the application in any other system? I.e. the Web application will be hosted in server other than the Sharepoint server.

I am unable to do either of the above mentioned options. Is it possible to do either of these?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jeremiah Wallace     Answered On: Feb 10

If you use the SharePoint Web Services to provide the connection between your application  and the SharePoint server, you can put your application anywhere.

I've found it helpful to create  the application folder  wherever it is appropriate on your server, create a virtual  directory in IIS to the folder, and then add the virtual directory alias to the SharePoint Managed Paths as an exclusion. You then have the application within the SharePoint environment, but without messing around with the _layouts  directory. If I understand correctly, changes we make within the _layouts directory may be overwritten by future service packs.

Answer #2    Answered By: Tony Freeman     Answered On: Feb 10

I concur. I avoid (read never) putting my own application  items into the
_layouts directory. I should put together a list of where I typically
put all of my customizations.

Answer #3    Answered By: Danny Shaw     Answered On: Feb 10

I have a portal  running in port  1000 on
the server.
I am able to use Manage Paths only to include Web applications create
under the same port (virtual server)

Suppose I have my application  running in port 80 I am not able to
include it using Manage Paths.

Is there someway by which you can include applications running on a
different virtual  server?

About using Sharepoint Web services for administrating, I am aware of
that, but am just exploring what other options  I have.

Answer #4    Answered By: Tyrone Meyer     Answered On: Feb 10

Specific terms are important here: In IIS we have Web Sites and Virtual
Directories. Each of those run on one or more Web Servers in a farm. We
can create  SharePoint Virtual Servers or specify exclude a Managed Path.

However, you wouldn't be running your non-SharePoint applications on a
Virtual Server. So, do you mean you want to run your application  on a
Web Server,
Web Site,
Virtual Directory, or
Managed Path

Once that is established, can you reword your question to catch the
essence of what you are asking?

Answer #5    Answered By: Dean Neal     Answered On: Feb 10

I have created a Sharepoint portal  on port  1000. (A Web Site on IIS)
I am able to use Manage Paths to include only Web applications created
in virtual  directory under the same Web Site as the Portal.

Suppose I have my application  running in port 80 (A different Web Site
on IIS). I am not able to include it using Manage Paths.

Is there someway by which you can include applications running on a
different Web Site?

Hope this is clear.

Answer #6    Answered By: Vincent Griffin     Answered On: Feb 10

Not as a Managed Path. However, I don't think that in the scenario you
described you need a Managed Path.

IIS will route requests to the correct Web Site so you simply need to
use the correct URL to cross reference the application  to the portal  and
the portal to the application. You won't have a SharePoint context in
the application but that is certainly easy enough to overcome.

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