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Adding webparts from frontpage( from virtual server gallery)

  Asked By: Bhagavati    Date: Jun 30    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1477

when iam trying to add webparts through frontpage to a
site's page(some.aspx) , iam getting an error.

error message::
" A Web Part or Web Form control on this webpart
page cannot be Displayed or Imported because it is not
registred on this site as safe "

this is wht the error message iam getting when trying
to add webparts through frontpage.

another thing is that iam able to add webparts from
"team site gallery" through frontpage.

can anyone pls tell the solution for this as it is
important for me to add web parts from
frontpage(virtual server gallery).
if registring safe is the problem then pls let me
know how to register the controls safe.



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Alan West     Answered On: Jun 30

This error  message can appear for a few reasons. First is the web  Part
actually not registered as safe? Does it not have an entry in the
SafeControls tag located in the web.config? Not have the correct
(spelling and capitalization does count) SafeControl entry then you will
receive this error. Another reason that this error will appear is when
the binary can not be located. The binary should be in the bin directory
of the appropriate virtual  server or in the GAC - of course the
SafeControl entry's assembly name must match the binary's name.