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Adding an option for editing htm files with Notepad in doc lib

  Asked By: Keaton    Date: May 25    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 7747

I'm creating a new site template, it contains a treeview menu on the
left which is basically a content editor web part showing an html
file with the code needed for rendering a free available javascript
treeview menu. It works well.

All the pages and the html with the menu definition are stored in a
doc lib. The "problem" that I have is, the contex menu for the htm
page shows "Edit in Microsoft FrontPage" which is fine. But it will
be even better if an "Edit in Notepad" option were available.

All maintenance for the solution can be done using the browser, but
the menu, I'd love to allow editing it in notepad, as it is always
available and the menu code definition is really simple, no real need
for FrontPage.

Is there a way of adding this "Edit in Notepad" to the context menu
in a doc lib for HTML files? perhaps a CEWP approach?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Peter Peterson     Answered On: May 25

I tried to create an Edit in Notepad, Edit in PaintBrush, etc. option  in
the past. The problem  is that the "Edit in" options rely on an ActiveX
control installed by the Office clients. This control is not documented
(that I know of) and I have only heard of people trying to get this to
work for products like Adobe or Autocad. However, I haven't heard of
anyone succeeding at this endeavor.

I'm not saying it couldn't be done, just that it will be challenging and
you will not likely find someone else that has already paved the path.
Sorry I don't have better news.