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Adding files to MOSS2007 using web services, I need to create a new Content Database

  Asked By: Bhavika    Date: Apr 25    Category: MOSS    Views: 5986

I have this problem, I hope can help me with an advise... I'm dont have enough experience using MOSS2007.
I have an ASP.NET application that using webservices is adding files to our sharepoint MOSS2007. The MOSS2007 have a default configuration 1 site collection, 1 website and 1 Content Database.
So, in our ASP.NET web config we have the URL of the Web Service, for example: www.sharepointtest.com/.../...PointWebService.asmx, using this webservice we UPLOAD files to the MOSS2007.
The problem right now, is that our contet database is almost 100GB, so we want to ADD another Content DataBase.
These are my questions:
I need to create another site collection or I need to create another website for the new content database?
How can I do all this things transparent for the asp.net application? for example, what happen if later I need to create a third content database?
Every time I create a new content database, I need to modify the URL of my web service?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Tyrell Nash     Answered On: Apr 25

you can add  new content  databases asociated with your web  application, but each database  only contains one site  collection data, so if you add a new content database for a new site collection, each new site data in the new site colection will be stored in the new content database.
I suppose that your WebService url  will change depending on the new site coleccion url. So if you have content in two site colecctions you are going to have two WebService urls.