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Adding a Delay Activity causes While Activity to not update list

  Asked By: Dale    Date: Feb 22    Category: MOSS    Views: 2037

I have a really simple test sequential workflow (MOSS 2007) that uses a while
loop to increment a counter. Within the loop, a code activity adds a new item to
a SharePoint list.
This workflow works perfectly, until I introduce a delay activity before the
while, which simply waits 5 mins.
When the delay is introduced, the workflow executes to completion, with no
errors. However the code activity does not add any items to the SharePoint list.
Initially I was getting the object serialization error because the SPList was
global. I've modified that to read the list each time the code activity is
Still no errors, and no items added. All updates and patches are installed.

Here's the body of the code activity:
private void writeErrorString(string code, string desc, Exception exc)
SPList _errorList =
ow Error List");
SPListItem item = _errorList.Items.Add();
item["Title"] = "TestDelay" + DateTime.Now.ToLocalTime().ToString();
item["Code"] = code;
item["Description"] = desc;
item["Details"] = (exc != null) ? exc.Message + ":" + exc.StackTrace :

Anybody have any ideas?



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