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Adding CSS to SharePoint 2007 custom webpart

  Asked By: Aaditya    Date: Feb 03    Category: MOSS    Views: 4289

I have created a custom webpart to takes the content from a list and
displays it within a table.

The webpart needs to have the background of the table set to a image on
a url and then custom colored font within the cells. I wanted to use
a .css file for this webpart and found some info on Google, but nothing
that will get me to a point where the webpart is displaying correctly.

Does anyone have source code they could share on how to put/call a .css
file from within a webpart and where should I store the *.css



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Answer #1    Answered By: Graham Ingram     Answered On: Feb 03

It's actually relatively simple.

Create the .css file with you custom  style classes and put it into a directory
under the TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS directory of 12 hive.

Load it and apply it by using code similar to the following in the
CreateChildControls method of the web part.

Literal stylesheet = new Literal();
stylesheet.Text= "<BR><link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\"

Label NoStyle = new Label();
NoStyle.Text = "NoStyle";


Label Style = new Label();
Style.Text = "Style";
Style.CssClass = "CustomFont";

This sample code loads a stylesheet called Custom.css and applies a Font style
called CustomFont to a Label control. Another label control is left unstyled.

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