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Adding AD groups to sharepoint Windows & FBA applications

  Asked By: Akera    Date: Jul 17    Category: Sharepoint 2010    Views: 7336


1• I have an "Intranet" web application http://abc.com created under claims mode with Windows authentication. This Web app uses users and groups from Active Directory.

2• Say I have 2 security groups AD_Viewers and AD_Members in Active directory. And 2 sharepoint groups "SPViewers" and "SPMembers".

3• I have assigned permission to the site as by adding security groups into respective sharepoint groups, AD_Viewers->SPViewers and AD_Members->SPMembers. Now AD users can login directly and access sites based on their permission.

4• Now my requirement is, Same AD users should be able to login to the same application via internet(when not in domain network) with same permission levels. So I have extended this web application "https://ABC.com" to "Internet" zone with Form based authentication with SSL enabled. And done with configurations and all. I am able to search same AD users/groups in people picker.

5• But I was not able to utilize or login with the Roles and Access configured initially for Intranet.

6• There will be only one Active Directory source for both applications

7• My question is, to manage Roles and permission Do I need to add AD users or groups again into sharepoint groups(AD_Viewers->SPViewers and AD_Members->SPMembers) from extended web application https://ABC.com? If so I will see two same group names inside a sharepoint group!! One belongs to Intranet and another Internet. and its difficult to differentiate too. Am I doing right?

8• I want AD users or groups to be added to site at one time only. Means, I want to manage users, groups, permissions for Intranet application and that should automatically reflect for Extended Internet application. Is this possible? In the above case if in future I want to add a user to site, I should add user to http://ABC.com and again to extended https://ABC.com.

9• Also, Can I use Windows authentication in extended web application instead of FBA so that I dont need to manage users and group again in extended web app?

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